What is a dialogue circle?

AMBAQ’s dialogue circles are groups of members who meet once a month to share and discuss their expertise and experience on a specific theme that is central to their professional development. More specifically, a discussion circle involves:

  • Groups of 20 participants in good standing of AMBAQ;
  • Information confidentiality;
  • A monthly meeting (fixed day set by the group);
  • A fixed location (determined by the group members);
  • A meeting length of 1 to 2 hours;
  • No fees, given that the dialogue circles are included in AMBAQ membership dues (except meals, if applicable);
  • The possibility of adding new participants (conditional on the consensus of the group).

For more information, please contact us info@ambaq.com


How to participate in a dialogue circle

Feel free to contact the coordinator directly if you are interested in participating in a dialogue circle.

Montreal Executive Circle

The Montreal Executive Circle is a forum for information-sharing and discussion between bilingual executives over the age of 35 who hold a management position, are partners in a service industry, or are at the helm of a company that generates revenue of more than $1 million a year.

The mission and values of the Montreal Executive Circle revolve around peer learning, confidential information-sharing and mutual enjoyment, all in a spirit of collegiality. Its goals include innovation, openness to the world, position-taking, quality networking and doing business in a collegial setting.

M40 - Dialogue Circle for Young Professionals 

M40 is a group for information-sharing and discussion that welcomes young professionals under 40 belonging to AMBAQ. The group promotes open and rewarding interaction through exclusive monthly access to notable businesspeople who agree to come and share a simple meal with members of the up-and-coming generation. It offers a unique opportunity to be inspired by the talent of renowned businesspeople who have forged their own success.


NB The dialogue circles meet certain professional bodies’ eligibility criteria for training credits. 

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