Promoting synergy and knowledge transfer

The Association des MBA du Québec connects members wishing to act as mentors with young MBAs looking to benefit from the knowledge and skills of experienced MBAs. We strongly believe in mentoring as a way to promote the development of the Quebec business community.

Mentoring - Become a mentor

Become a mentor

Whether it’s to help along a young MBA, share your experience, create new relationships or advance the title of MBA, mentoring for AMBAQ is a fabulous opportunity.

Mentoring - Find a mentor

Find a mentor

Being a mentee gives you the opportunity not only to learn from the experience of renowned MBA mentors, but to develop your skills and professional network.

How to become a mentor or mentee

Fill out this form to let us know about your interest and as soon as the opportunity arises, we will put you in touch with an AMBAQ member who matches the profile you’re looking for. Our mentoring services are reserved exclusively for our members in good standing.

Pour obtenir du mentorat