AMBAQ events rely on the involvement of many volunteers. In more than 40 years, hundreds of dedicated volunteers have generously devoted their time to promoting the association’s development. Some have simply been drawn by the appeal of carrying out unique projects that would help fulfill the association’s mission, while others have joined to expand their professional network and gain new experience as members of dedicated teams of volunteers.

To help AMBAQ do more for its members—to do more for you—we invite all members to get involved in an event or project, according to their preferences and availability. Beyond a volunteering opportunity, getting involved in AMBAQ is a concrete way to maximize your return on investment!

AMBAQ’s structure is based on a Board of Directors that delegates some of its executive duties to the organization’s Executive Committee. This committee is composed of several vice-presidents who are responsible for overseeing the various events that make up AMBAQ’s program of offerings with the support of volunteers and the association’s permanent staff. For more information on volunteering possibilities, please contact the AMBAQ Executive Director.


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