The MBA title - MBAs in Quebec

MBAs in Quebec

The three letters in MBA are synonymous with ambition, boldness and dedication. Completing an MBA requires a profound commitment to excellence and helps forge decision-makers who are determined to motivate their teams and achieve results.

Benefits of an MBA

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Become a better

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Expand existing

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Develop leadership

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Earn a universally
recognized title

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Develop a global perspective
on the business world

Why become an MBA

To turbocharge your career

An MBA serves as a “career gas pedal,” opening up access to high-level management positions.

To enjoy the financial
and personal rewards

An MBA opens up access to promotions and salary increases. Your MBA will allow you to develop your interpersonal skills and achieve fulfillment in your career.

To develop your network

An MBA offers opportunities for meeting with leaders and forging a rich professional network.

To be recognized internationally

The MBA is one of the few degrees to be recognized internationally. These 3 letters offer better career opportunities across the world.

To help change industries

The MBA opens new avenues by propelling your career to new heights or by helping you change industries.

To round out your background
as a manager

An MBA helps develop enhanced leadership skills and a better understanding of the business world.

Universities with
MBA programs