Webinar - Atteignez votre plein potentiel avec SuccessFinder

Webinar - Atteignez votre plein potentiel avec SuccessFinder

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Achieve your full potential with SuccessFinder

In this webinar you'll learn how to :  

- Interpret your SuccessFinder profile
- Click and explore the possibilities
Take action towards achieving your full potential

The SuccessFinder assessment is available as part of your member benefits. Click here to access.

Why complete your SuccessFinder assessment?
Because to excel professionally and develop your leadership skills, you have to start by knowing yourself well. And, according to a 5000-participant study, only 10% to 15% of people actually do. 

For 40 years, SuccessFinder's team of I/O psychologists have been developing a psychometric assessment to raise self-awareness and increase success at work.  

To know oneself is to develop healthy relationships with colleagues or employees, to communicate one's vision with clarity, or to mobilize a team. Reflection and feedback help you align your vision of yourself with your surroundings but completing your SuccessFinder assessment means taking a shortcut to potentially achieve better results in much less time! 

And the best is that it’s included in your membership!


Sylvie Faria, CRHA, MBA
Sylvie Faria Director, Business Development Director at SuccessFinder, a technology company specializing in human resources. A certified Human Resource Professional as member of the “Ordre des Conseillers en ressources Humains agréés” since 2010, having acquired nearly 20 years of experience in human resources mainly in consulting roles with multinationals, she previously held the position of General Manager of the company Mercuri Urval in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ms. Faria holds a BA in Business Management from HEC Montreal and an MBA in International Business Administration from FIA-USP.

Amanda Fleising, MBA
Amanda Fleising is a passionate and creative business professional in the HR technology space who, as Director of Marketing & Communications at SuccessFinder, drives marketing and brand experience within the corporate go-to-market strategy. 

Amanda is an experienced entrepreneur and founder who also has two decades of varied business progression in marketing, product management, purchasing and several years of company-wide inter-department rotation. She brings a strategic perspective, passion for brand experience and a strong focus on integration between departments to the leadership team. 

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, from McGill University as well as an MBA from Concordia University. 

À propos de SuccessFinder
SuccessFinder is a Montreal-based technology company specialized in human resources. With its unrivalled behavioral assessment and powerful cloud-based platform it delivers both the technology and analytics for confident predictive hiring and talent management decisions.

SuccessFinder understands and explains people like no one else. Coupled with an expertise in developing predictive models, this clarity empowers their clients to make data-driven decisions about their talent and maximize their people. SuccessFinder is leveraged by more than 550 user organizations.

Their mission is to unlock opportunities for people and organizations to achieve their full potential. Every time

For more information, visit successfinder.com and follow on LinkedIn.

Free and for members only


Jun 01, 2021
From 12 PM to 12:30 PM

Free and for members only


Sylvie Faria, CRHA, MBA, SuccessFinder
Amanda Fleising, MBA, SuccessFinder